Finally the New Year is getting old. It’s the second month and counting.

How are you doing? Now that question does not require our usual mechanical answer of fine. Some will say “it is well” by faith and I agree. But seriously how far gone are you? With your goals, resolution, decision, plans for the New Year.
You know what we cannot allow 2019 to go the way 2018 went. My word for the year is Launch Out – an invitation for me to take my dreams and work with it. You really don’t have a dream until the dream has you. And that happens when you work it.
Now most people with big dreams never see Big Things. This often happens because they fail to do the one thing that should get them going – START.
Napoleon Hill wrote in his book Think & Grow Rich; “Riches don’t come by wishing”
I have come to realize that the reason most people never get started is because they believe they don’t have enough to begin. In other words, they are experiencing the feeling of SMALLNESS.
One of the chapter in my new book, – Stand Out is “Small is Beautiful”
Everything in life starts small and I mean everything including humans. We all came from very little seeds. Friends small is not a problem. In fact we have been rightly admonished by Job not to despise the day of small beginnings, and that is because small beginnings can bring about big endings.
The real problem is not being small but staying small. No matter your current state or status, begin that project, get working on that idea, run with that dream and see yourself nurture it to great height.
So how can we get going?

    There are some things we cannot change right away, they are just the way they are – what you have, who you are, your current status and placement. Rather than complain about the small things, why not accept it and find a way to make it better and bigger

To grow anything you must gain a conscious awareness of that thing. When you gain awareness of a thing its potential and possibilities are open to you.
As you set out to achieve your dream, your level of awareness will determine what you can do. There are opportunities everywhere but only the aware can take advantage of them. You need to become aware of the person you are, the people around you and the possibilities in your environment.

    No one succeeds without taking action. We all need to go from good intentions to good beginning. Too many people get stock intending to do something but never doing it.
    Wait no more. Activate your plans. Do something now with what you have now, right where you are now. Touch your dream, touch it daily.
    As we get into the mid-1st quarter, measure your goals with your current reality and keep working on it. In the end it will speak.
    See you at the top.