Personal Development


Life is designed to get better. Everything has been programmed by God to go from one level of glory to another. (2 Cor. 3:18)

This new year, without doubt, is no different. It will exceed the previous year in glory. There will be many more opportunities. New things will spring up, new territories will open up.

This year will produce more successes than we saw last year. The sign of this is the uncertainty that clouds the atmosphere. When things look so uncertain it is so as to hide what it contains.

Every year comes with its bad side, it’s good side and the better or if you like the best side. What you get out of it is a function of what you apply yourself to do and how you apply yourself to do it.

The year 2017 is over but the way you can bid it good bye is to make 2018 your best year ever.

Getting the best of any season does not just happen, it is for those who are intentional; those who are deliberate about their path and acts.

Please permit me to share my advice on how you can make this year your best year ever.

  1. Establish your FAITH in God and in his ability in you. Col. 2:7 

Don’t just have faith. Being in the faith is not enough. You need to get established in the faith. Everyone has to live by faith somehow. Some live by faith in themselves, others by faith in what they are told, yet some by faith in other powers. All these can work but the highest form of faith is faith in God and in his word.

You need to establish your faith in God. Why? Because that faith will be tried and tested. It will stand if it is established.

To establish is to build, entrench, institute, implant, install. Let your faith be established in who God is and what he has said concerning.

  1. Make sure FAMILY comes first for you. 

The family is the right place for the lonely. (Psalm 68:6). We are meant to find solace in the home. Acquaintances will abandon you some day but family will always stay.


Jesus even in death showed commitment to his family by making provision for his mother. (John 19:26).

To put family first please do this:

  • Spend time with your loved ones – time is the price of love, it also the proof of love.
  • Share your vision with them – they run with you better
  • Shape your life together – never leave them behind or one day they will drag you back.
  1. Work hard to secure your FINANCES. Ecclesiastes 10:19

Money is important to life. Money is definitely not everything but money is something.

Money is a spirit which if not well directed can misdirect anyone. We need money to live comfortably. Money boosts confidence. A man can lose his dignity if he lacks money. More importantly, it takes money to fulfil God given vision. Like a mentor once said, “if you have no money, your problems will be many”.

What work should we do?

  1. Don’t love money
  2. Use money, never let money use you.
  3. Learn to give, it saves you from greed
  4. Work on your assignment, it attracts wealth.
  5. Stay in the confines of God’s blessing.
  6. Plan your finances – budget.


  1. Do all you can to stay FIT. 

Your body is the temple of God. Anything that can destroy that temple will cut short your time on earth.

Only those who are well can do well in life. The best of the year will only be available to you if you are alive and well. Your physical well-being is important to God. Be reminded that, you need a healthy body to carry a strong spirit.

  1. Take time to exercise yourself
  2. Avoid dangerous substances – drugs, smokes,
  3. Eat healthy, live healthy.
  4. Rest when it is required
  5. Take some time off to refresh and recharge.
  6. Make new FRIENDS, Keep old ones. 

Friends are important to life. Lone rangers are liable to fall into danger. Samson had no friend to help him when he got in trouble. Life is best when shared with others.

Jesus, the master of the universe lived with 12 twelve impossible guys. Out of the twelve he had three specials and one was like his favourite.

So these increase your network. Be friendly. Be honest in all your dealings. Don’t be selfish – learn to share your time, treasure, and talent.


It is my wish that this year be the best year ever for you but you need to pursue it as a desire for yourself. It’s not about wishes but desire.


I see you at the top!